Atlantic Corp. Certified to Apply FortiCel Mold Prevention Solution

Atlantic Corp. Certified to Apply FortiCel Mold Prevention Solution

By In Company News On February 28, 2014

Atlantic Corp. is proud to announce they are the first Raleigh area company certified to apply FortiCel™ mold prevention solution in homes under construction. Available only through CertainTeed, Forticel™ is a protective coating applied to the structural framing of a home that helps prevent the growth of mold and is backed by a fully transferable 25-year warranty.

Today’s energy efficient homes are built tightly to prevent air leakage. In highly humid areas, like North Carolina, excess moisture can accumulate leading to mold growth that can impact your health and the structural integrity of a home leaving you with a costly remediation and repair bill.

Because FortiCel™ must be applied to the structural framing of a home the application process is done during construction before insulation is installed. FortiCel™ cannot be washed or rubbed off during construction.

The FortiCel™ Difference

When professionally applied by the certified technicians at Atlantic Corp. the FortiCel™ coating won’t degrade or wash off over time. As such is provides long-lasting protection from mold, even in the harshest weather environments.

FortiCel™ works by preventing mold spores from germinating on the treated surface. Many other products only prevent the growth of a few mold species, whereas in independent tests FortiCel™ has been proven to prevent more than 15 mold species.

FortiCel™ contains no volatile organic compounds (VOCs) and is approved for use in all states making it a safe choice for families and pets.

FortiCel™ Protection Plans

There are four FortiCel™ protection plans with varying levels of coverage, as well as crawlspace and basement treatment options.

forticel protection plans

25-year Warranty Protection

FortiCel is backed by a fully transferable 25 year warranty. The warranty will cover all remediation costs in the unlikely event mold growth occurs on the coating surface. Most homeowner’s insurance policies do not cover mold remediation costs.

Learn More About FortiCel

Check out this brief video for more information about Forticel mold prevention treatment or download this pdf.

Contact Atlantic Corp.

Area home builders are encouraged to contact Atlantic Corp. to discuss how FortiCel™ application can help make your North Carolina homes more desirable to new home buyers.